truth be told, no one likes a gadabout
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I think I was more old and used up in my early twenties than at any other time. I was lucky to get through them, but a secret ‘hell with this’ was working on some cold level. Last spark waiting. I get older and my mind opens up more and more. Exact opposite of the majority of my peers. It’s all a choice. The brain is…it’s a crazy thing and it will resurrect itself if you let it. You make yourself into a dead tree. Life doesn’t do it. You do. And not a single person who abused me or gave me poison words has stopped me from falling in love with my life. Bottomed out. Great failure. And I said, “well if I’m already a loser, might as well be a crazy fuck and reinvent myself.” Where you are now is nothing. Even if you give it a go and fail, fail laughing in the face of those mocking you. That laughter will haunt them forever. And trust me you’ll love the shit out of that. By Dig Yourself (via howitzerliterarysociety)